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Easy Home is a Shariah-compliant Home Finance facility! One that is comprehensive, affordable, and totally hassle-free. Meezan Bank is committed to meet our customers’ needs in a truly Shariah-compliant manner coupled with dedicated service excellence. Why not have the best of both worlds? Isn't that what you are working so hard for anyway?
Easy Home not only allows you to own your own home by paying easy installments but also keeps you safely away from interest based financing.

Easy Home works on a Diminishing Musharakah basis

With Easy Home you participate with Meezan Bank in joint ownership of your property, where the Bank will provide a certain amount of financing. You agree to a monthly payment to the bank of which one component is for use of the home, and another for your equity share. In fact, the total monthly payment is reduced regularly as your share in the property grows. When you have made the full investment, which had been agreed upon, you become the sole owner with a free and clear title to the property.
Financing in DHA Creek Vista
Creek Vista is a mega residential project of DHA comprising of high rise complexes equipped with all modern day facilities. Meezan Bank proudly announces to be the first Islamic Bank to extend Home Financing for purchase of apartments in Creek Vista.

*For details, please call our 24/7 call center or visit our Housing Hub nearest to you.