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Insurance Corporation - America
Insurance Corporation of America (ICA) is a licensed insurance marketing & service organization doing business in the Midwest, primarily in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. However the company has insureds in almost all states through its various group plans.
The Company's mission is the design, implementation, sales and service of employee benefit plans to both small and large employers as well as trade and professional associations. The Company also provides individual life insurance for both personal and family protection as well as for business purposes such as Keyman Insurance, buy-sell Funding, debt protection, etc. Individual medical policies such as Medicare supplement, Medicare "D", short-term medical, and individual medical are all provided to our customers as well as disability and retirement plans.
The company enjoys exceptional capacity to provide a wide range of insurance to its clients. The following are some of our contracted insurors. Our goal is to provide the most coverage through the most competitive insurors for our customers.

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